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If you are looking for authentic Corsica, you can find it in Corte. As far from the sea as is possible on the island, this little town perched atop a rocky spur in the heart of Corsica’s mountains seems to have evolved untouched by time or modern life. The town was a mecca for resistance against the Genoese occupation, and today it is a guardian of its traditions. And a Corsican university can also be found here. Resembling an eagle’s nest, its citadel was built in the 15th century and is the only inland Corsican citadel. It bears witness to the town’s tumultuous past. Behind its thick walls now lies the Museum of Corsica, which covers all aspects of traditional Corsica. Take a moment in the historical centre of Corte to get lost among the narrow lanes before reaching the lookout with views that encompass the Restonica and Tavignanu valleys.

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