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We never want to have to choose between hospitality and caring for the environment!

We have always devoted a huge amount of energy to protecting our environment and natural resources. So naturally we decided to carry out an environmental assessment and get involved with the European Ecolabel.
We achieved Ecolabel Certification in June 2018, as confirmed by Afnor, meaning that we can now better structure our environmental approach and continue to work towards streamlining our actions in order to minimise our carbon footprint.

So what does that mean in real life?
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We minimise our energy consumption

All lighting at Le Sagone Campsite uses energy-saving lightbulbs.
Our air conditioning units are key-activated, meaning we can manage consumption without impacting the quality of service our guests expect.
Electrical tools have been replaced, where possible, by mechanical or natural ones. For instance, weeds are pulled out by hand and our sheep keep the grass low.
Lastly, we have launched a solar cover project to directly supply our energy need in the coming years.

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We sort our waste for recycling and use no chemical products in our work

Le Sagone Campsite has the necessary infrastructure for recycling. Everyone has a part to play, from our staff to our guests.
We also do composting and shred our plants, which we use for maintaining our green spaces.
All cleaning products used at Le Sagone Campsite are Ecocert or Ecolabel certified.
And our green spaces are maintained without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

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We are committed

Over the past few years, we have regularly run environmental and civic initiatives within our microregion.
We also offer workshops on sustainable development and food waste at our Kids Club. We encourage discussions about this topic through our choice of activities, materials and teachings, and work to communicate those values to both young and old.

Want to find out more about the Ecolabel process?

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