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Mediterranean-scented paradise

Corsica is a piece of paradise dropped into the Mediterranean Sea, or perhaps a mountain set atop turquoise waters, enchanting visitors with its incredible beauty. The coastline is carved into bays and inlets, with cliffs and boulders serving as a backdrop to stunning white sand beaches that are perfect for diving and relaxing. Wherever you look, you will constantly be amazed at the majestic nature of this island and surprised by its diverse landscapes.


When you leave the seaside, you plunge into the unspoilt mountain landscape. In this authentic land, picturesque villages with narrow lanes have been protected from the torment of modern times. Here, time has no power and the traditions that make this island so charming are nurtured. Corsica is for admiring but also for tasting, with its cuisine and wines imbued with delicious scents of the maquis.

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